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Reer Gyllmokhar (character concept-art). by Miakhano Reer Gyllmokhar (character concept-art). by Miakhano
This art piece resides here.

Pretty old picture, it was fixed and updated so many times... at least it get here.

I have made many pictures of taurenesses already and only one image of tauren, and it was even on group picture. But yet I made a full-fledged personage with his story a druid, who wants to explore World in all its manifestations. He decided to put his efforts to serve his folk. Well known, that taurens cooperate with technocrats and mages with strict reluctance, but life makes to do it more often. Not wanting to delve into the details of alien art, they often give these things all at the mercy of outsiders, allowing them to penetrate into life of Thunder Bluff. Reer Gyllmokhar understands that you may not always rely on the integrity of such extraneous allies. Problems can be very different - from greed goblins, who are overstating their expenses on fuel for airships, and to outright fraud, such as attempts of blood elves and forsaken to exchange the precious seeds of rare plants on the cheapest crystals. Both are counting on the ignorance of the tauren. And therefore, Reer absorbs all the useful knowledge, such as mechanics and even necromancy.

PS. You can take a look on color picture with this personage:


Этот же рисунок на моём сайте.

Довольно уже старый рисунок, много раз переделывался и наконец добрался до Девиантарта.

Я изобразил уже уйму тауренок и лишь одного таурена, и то безымянного на групповом изображении. Но есть у меня и персонаж со своей историей друид, решивший открыть для себя максимум воплощений окружающего мира. Ему всегда нравилось познавать новое, так почему бы не поставить своё стремление на службу своему народу. Обычно таурены неохотно сотрудничают с технократами и магами, но жизнь вынуждает всё чаще прибегать к таким союзам. Не желая вникать в подробности чуждых искусств, они зачастую отдают эти дела целиком на откуп чужакам, позволяя им внедряться в жизнь Громового Утёса. Рейр Гиллмокарр понимает, что не всегда можно рассчитывать на добросовестность союзников. Неприятности могут быть самыми разными от жадности гоблинов, на словах завышающих свои расходы на топливо дирижаблей, и до откровенного обмана, такого как попытки кровавых и отрекшихся выменять драгоценные семена редких растений на самые дешёвые кристаллы. И те и другие рассчитывают на неосведомленность тауренов. И посему, Рейрр впитывает в себя все полезные знания, от механики и до некромантии.

PS. Есть и цветной рисунок с этим персонажем.
Wow, just WOW! LOVE the attention to detail in everything that you incorporated here.

The anatomy and posing are rather accurate and dynamic in how your Tauren druid id standing and casting two spells at once, it seems. I appreciate the comparison of your Tauren to an average human as that adds to the concept of accuracy and being able to compare it for myself as a viewer. You didn't skimp on the details for his weaponry, either.

I have a qualm with the anatomy of his hands. I know translating 3-digit hands into how they'd articulate is difficult. The left hand, held higher up and casting the white-ish spell seems slightly off with how the fingers are moving/bending, but I wonder if that's just because of my personal concept of how much mobility/flexibility there is between the two main fingers. The right hand, casting the grey spell, is more worrisome to me, because the palm looks so smal compared to the fingers it bears, and especially in contrast to the left hand.

My only complaint is that there is no picture of him in his full regalia of armor, or even what he might look like in his favorite animal forms to take (but this latter point is more from a gamer-perspective as I play a druid as well for my second main character on WoW).

Other than that, seeing this piece was a nice surprise and I enjoyed looking at all the detail and care put into it :D
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StarNob Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa...I wonder if Blizzzard will give the taurens more "humane" face expressions mixed with bovine features when they do redoing of their wow character models? They said they are doing it fast and had announced that dwarfs looks just super!
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